July 26, 2019

Getting approval of your popular mobile application at a popular app store is not that easy. Due to the fact that more and more companies and independent and ambitious new companies come into play to be successful, you really need to act smartly. It is right to do everything right, because even a wrong step or an ill-conceived step can lead to a pit of disapproval.

Apple introduced the initiative, pointing out the most epic reasons for the rejection of the app store, before sending the application to its app store review guide. But their understanding varies from person to person.

A huge lack of information about the application

This is one of the stupid mistakes made by mobile application developers or customers who cannot see the information they send along with the application submission. The lack of metadata in the mobile application can lead to an epic error in Google Play or Apple Store.

apk for android

Did you forget part of the privacy policy?

If a mobile application development specialist has created an application with incredible features and accessibility from the source, it may require users to log in or register using their individual credentials approved by their mobile applications. In this case, the privacy policy becomes important.

Does your application have demo accounts?

Let’s assume that your mobile application requires users to log in. Now, to start a game with no problems, you must run demonstration videos and very attractive demo accounts that show how your mobile applications really work.

Your application is not free of errors, not yet

This is the main reason for failure. If your mobile application still finds errors that prevent your applications from functioning normally, you run the risk of losing positive comments about the application and are prone to be offensive from the app store.