Brain Enrichment Classes

The more that we as humans Compartmentalize ourselves with tags, the more we distance ourselves out of possibilities that could enrich our own lives, expand our circles of influence and deliver unexpected results. Our culture has turned into one of pre-judgment where we mentally tag and dismiss others based on jobs, income-levels and personal look to such a degree it is hard to reach out of one’s social circle, office or gym to fulfill those who contrast and enhance our own traits. In actuality, our need and desire to fit in has developed businesses, professions and organizations to help us in addressing those cultural divisions, while occasionally creating new ones.

Consider psychology, life coaching, dating services, self-improvement programs, and religions even art classes. The brain enrichment classes singapore communicated with art long before we could compose.  Somewhere along the line, we chose that the perfect brain, which spawns art and imagination, has less significance than the left brain, which controls logic and reason. Yes, we love music, we love art, we love dancing and poetry; however, we, as a culture, do not necessarily condone it as career path or a valuable contribution to society, with a few exceptions. It is too risky. It does not make sense.

brain enrichment classes singapore

Can it be possible that many of our Problems as individuals and as a society come from this abandoned brain/right brain divide? Is it that if we were to promote whole-brain believing, using creative thought together with logic and reason, we could solve lots of our own identity problems while getting well-rounded people with an appreciation of the expression of life in every area? How many chances would open us up if we were to feel we can do anything? Of equal importance, consider the expansion potential of your own sphere of influence when you create a stronger appreciation for free talents and abilities.

Entrepreneurship is a prime example of accessing both sides of the brain, and this goes for any entrepreneurial enterprise. At the very basic level, there’s creativity in sales, advertising – all elements of marketing – and – logic in accounting and management. Both are used in discussions. Then there’s action involved in performing the job of the company, which might be strongly established in either domain. Whether you are a performing Songwriter, a property developer, a webmaster or a tour guide, your success does not rely on logic or creativity alone. It is a blend of the two, together with ability to do it, which will determine your future.

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